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At mySPOTTi, the environment is our main concern. From climate change and pollution through plastic to our employees, products, processes, suppliers and packaging: there are a lot of areas we can tackle. As a company, we assume responsibility and want to contribute to a more environmentally friendly life and with it, to sustainability. In the following, we explain how we do that and how we combine sustainable designs and functionality.



We have made our home in the beautiful town of Seefeld in Upper Bavaria, in the heart of the Fünfseenland, the region of the five lakes. Our mySPOTTi manufacturing facilities are situated in a 150-year-old building that once housed a factory. We purposely chose this location for our headquarters to avoid new constructions, to conserve the environment, and, of course, to emphasise our regional ties and our love for our home town and our tradition. Our production is on demand, which means we do not stock goods and we use just-in-time manufacturing to create as little waste as possible. Environmentally friendly production means using water efficiently and minimising consumption in production. For some years now, we have been using ecological inks that do not emit hazardous vapours to manufacture our mySPOTTi products.  On top, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. CO2). The raw materials we use and the suppliers we work with to create all mySPOTTi articles are located exclusively in the EU and primarily in Germany. Without exception, the members of our mySPOTTi teams in Production, Design and Administration live in and around Seefeld. This avoids long journeys to and from work while at the same time enabling us to maintain a healthy work-life balance without long commutes. We are, of course, also adapting to the recent new challenges, which is why the majority of our employees are currently working from home. We have successfully begun training our customers’ employees via video conferencing, thus reducing our environmental impact by causing less emissions while at the same time efficiently lowering travel expenses. Our mySPOTTi splashbacks are made of aluminium composite panels. This material weighs considerably less than conventional, heavy glass panels, resulting in significantly lower CO2 emissions during transport.



Order what you fancy and if you don’t like it, send it back: this is surely one of the more practical aspects of online shopping. However, due to the rising CO2 balance, returns aren’t really all that good for our environment. That’s why we believe in returning as few products as possible. Together, we can make a huge difference. Our energy-efficient digital printers play a key role in climate protection: the more efficiently we shape our processes and procedures in production, the more electricity we can save. We have consciously set up our machine park to be as energy-efficient as possible. However, environmentally-friendly consumption behaviour can also go along way towards climate protection, starting with the advice and services we offer prior to purchase so that we can prevent returns and the related time and resources they require.

People and nature are facing ever greater challenges due to the increasing amount of waste. That’s why we believe it is important to design and manufacture products in a manner that allows us to return them to the recycling process once their operational phase has ended, saving resources, water and energy.



As an online shop, there’s no way around packaging, particularly when it comes to shipping our products. All the same, we consistently aim to reduce the amount of packaging and to use ecological alternatives, for example by steadily increasing the recycling rate. Our aim is for old packaging that pollutes the environment to make way for innovative ideas. That’s why we will be converting to recycled packaging material produced in Germany in the near future.

Compared to conventional raw materials, sustainable alternatives are characterised by lower water consumption during manufacture and cultivation as well as by the fact that they maintain biodiversity. Recycled materials, fibres and raw materials are also among our best alternatives. We aim to process sustainable raw materials and become a PVC-free company.



For us, sustainability includes protecting the climate and nature, as mentioned above, as well as assuming responsibility towards the people we work with and who trust us.
That’s why we believe talking it just the start: we need to act together. We have implemented this belief and stand up for people and the environment. In doing so, we contribute to creating a better world – you can see for yourself how we keep this promise!